Dining Out In Katy Texas

Houston is widely regarded as an incredible dining destination. It has earned this accolade through the efforts of some of the best chefs in the country – and it deserves the recognition. But move a few miles and there is a community that is fast becoming a dining destination for those who are not only interested in local cuisine but also in internationally influenced menus. That place is Katy, Texas.

Katy is fast building a reputation for punching way above its weight class when it comes to dining destinations. Those in search of fine dining opportunities will not be disappointed – but those in search of good, even great venues that cater to the family will also be happy with the choices they have in Katy.

Take for instance Babin’s Seafood House. It may have three dining destinations across the the Houston area – but it does not feel like a chain restaurant. The Gulf Coast caught seafood is fresh and prepared with care. The New Orleans inspired dishes shine because of the thought and love that has been poured into them. The hearty and friendly service also makes every dining experience an absolute pleasure. The Cajun style gumbo with okra and Crawfish is a delight. The Whitefish with shrimp topping begs for another serving.

However, for those in search of a more land bound meaty experience a trip to Midway Barbeque is an absolute must. Locals swear by it and keep coming back again and again – which is always the sign of a great restaurant. Patrons are always welcomed with open arms and the friendly service is one of the reasons that it has become a Katy favorite. The menu is based around meat that has been prepared by being smoked over pecan wood. And that makes all the difference. Pork, turkey, sausage and ribs are all equally delicious. Those who forget the brisket will regret it.

For those who subscribe to the ‘farm to table philosophy there is Dish Society. The freshest of ingredients sourced from local suppliers make each culinary experience a delight. This is the place where the lighter appetite – and simple tastes will be taken into a new direction. Try the coffee crusted pork or the citrus salmon. Or build your own salad. The sandwiches are also exceptional. Good wine list and craft beers add to the enjoyment.

In short, Katy Texas has it all for those who want to enjoy a great dining experience.